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Virtual Reality

Virtually A Reality

We’re always looking to push the boundaries with our clients and our team. We didnt expect this forward thinking attitude would result in the team being crammed into the boot of a car, in the middle of a Nigerian slum, with a 14 camera VR rig.

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Taking 37,000 people around the world

Diarrhoea kills 2195 children every day. RB aims to stop this by 2020. They have been increasing awareness of how hygiene and sanitation prevents illness. We realised the only way to inspire people make a difference was by taking them there. Flights for each of RB’s 37,000 employees was out of the question, so Virtual Reality was the next best solution.

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We love a challenge, so we set to work on making our first official VR film series. We had been experimenting feverishly for several months, but waiting for a client that had the right use for the technology. This was the perfect brief, give people the experience of what life is like in Nigeria and India, and how RB is making a difference.

Developing in Developing Countries

When filming Virtual Reality the entire crew has to hide, meanwhile the characters must perform perfectly without interruption. Once you factor in a language barrier, untrained actors, children, power cuts, and large crowds you get one heck of a challenge. As you can imagine our meticulously organised scenes, prepared tirelessly back in the UK were quickly thrown out of the window, in favour of a more naturalistic and improvisational approach.

All of a sudden the project came to life, the unassuming presence of our 360 rig was quickly overlooked as people began going about their every day lives creating beautifully natural scenes. In schools, slums, homes, town meetings. It gave the films a real insight into the challenges the people face with hygiene in everyday life.

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The Extra Dimension

Did we mention we shot it all in 3D? We found 3D virtual reality created a more compelling experience; to do this we doubled the number of cameras on our rig from 7 to 14, with each camera capturing at 2K, 60FPS. As you can imagine this created a new challenge for the post-production department, resulting in a meltdown of one computer, and several editors.


Producer James Dartnall | Director Gideon Beresford | VR Technician Jack Morrow | Sound Calum Sample

Best experienced in a Virtual Reality head set.