Weetabix On The Go

Digital Advertising

Edible Creativity

Pink Banana and Cake sound like yummy treat, but really they make a formidable creative force. In this instance it was a force against a traditional breakfast, eggs and croissants. We teamed up with Cake Group to help Weetabix On The Go to create a tenacious online campaign with a rather handsome young businessman to show the world that a breakfast drink really is all you need.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Not at all! We had to get our heads into the mindset of those who had no time for breakfast but still needed it. We had to create a series of tasty, teasing and cheeky digital adverts to be spread across Weetabix On The Go twitter page.

Engage Me

If you have no time for breakfast it’s a safe bet you doint have time to watch 2 minute online films so we had to keep the content short and sweet. We co-wrote over 25 short spots ranging from pretty acceptable to way over-the-top, executed them in one day and had them online within a week.

We bolstered the campaign with yet more content from Weetabix’s partnership with VFest, Reading and Leeds Festivals. Who knew festival goers would need a quick and easy breakfast on-the-go? Another clever idea from Cake Media!


Director Gideon Beresford, James Dartnall | Producer James Dartnall | Director of Photography Anthony Lucas | Editor Louis Cochran | Sound Calum Sample