The Shard Illuminate

Digital Campaign

The Illuminate campaign communicates; The Shard, London’s tallest building, as a positive beacon of light over our fair city. The light is actually created by 1000s of bulbs and huge LED panels but the story was certainly brought to the people of London by us.

The Shard Illuminate image

With past experience working with the brand and marketing teams we knew we had to show The Shard as a Beacon of Modern London, a Vertical City and most importantly, a brand that contributes to the local community.

The central theme of the creative was to show various demographics of Londoners enjoying the lights giving a sense of The Shard having a positive impact on everyone. To achieve this we sent 6 crews across London to capture the big moment when the lights were initiated, we even had a helicopter. The huge range of shots really emphasise the variety of viewpoints and people that can enjoy the spectacle of The Shard Lights.

The Shard Illuminate image

The documentary behind the lights explores the monumental task of installing hundreds of light units over 80 stories high. The director, Ben Spilling, wanted to give the audience an idea of the inner workings of building and a real idea of the effort that goes into an installation like this. The journey is told through interviews with the people behind the installation as we see them delve into the snaking corridors, multiple lift systems, and stairs taking them 20 storeys past the visitors on the viewing platform to the spire. Here, 87 storeys up, they are met by unpredictable wind, freezing temperatures and upwards rain.

The Shard Illuminate image The Shard Illuminate image

The crew too had a huge task ahead of them following the installation round the clock through sunset to sunrise at the spire of The Shard. The whole process took place while the rest of London was warm in their beds but we’d do it all again for the unrivalled views of London.

The Shard Illuminate image


Producer James Dartnall, Sarah Jenner | Director Ben Spilling | Director of Photograpy Anthony Lucas | Editor Vania Flaccomio