E.ON It's Personal

Employer Branding

This Time it's Personal

We partnered with Blackbridge Communications to produce this campaign for E.ON Energy. The concept was to show how a career at E.ON is an oppourtunity to make a positive and lasting impact in your community.

E.ON It's Personal image E.ON It's Personal image

The Campaign spanned a series of eight films. We created four cinematic pieces and several behind the scenes interviews with the staff. We chose to cast real e.on staff to show that they are proud of the work they do.

E.ON It's Personal image E.ON It's Personal image
E.ON It's Personal image

On Location

The series we’re shot in locations all over the UK, from South London to the Lake district, including a power station, a dairy farm and a state of the art substainable housing estate.

E.ON It's Personal image

Credits and Awards

Director Gideon Beresford | Producer Clare Cassidy | Editor April White | Sound Calum Sample | Director of Photography George Allen and Nick Morris

Nominated for Best Use of Video – RAD awards
Nominated for best use of Video (over £10,000) CIPD RMA’S